Parks and Gardens and Squares – Oh My!

I’ve always treasured the way Central Park affords you the ability to abandon the grim, relentless city that New York can oftentimes be and, within mere seconds, be transported into a garden oasis of sorts. I have found the same thing in Paris, broken up into a collection of Parks, Gardens, and Squares throughout the city. Made for real life, these gardens can house everything from ping pong tables and lounge chairs to playgrounds and fountains with sculptures. You happen upon them in the most unlikely of places and they’re one of the FEW places that eating away from the table is not looked down on in French culture. In fact, it’s ENCOURAGED. The picnic sur l’herbe is practically mandatory when the weather is agreeable (which is not that often, mind you).

They say it’s the one we love that we hurt.  So since I’m usually bitching about Paris, I figured I’d let you see some of what I LOVE about it (so much so that FOUR of the last twelve months of my life were spent there). Enjoy!


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One thought on “Parks and Gardens and Squares – Oh My!”

  1. Je me mange la pied. I was a bit hyper from travelling and hopefully this comment makes more sense than the last…

    Your description of Paris gardens reminds me of NYC the very little gardens scattered around that make up for it by being creative.

    Glad you made it that whole 20 blocks … like a bonehead I have forgotten the name of the restaurant again but think it was Africa Kine. I’m inviting friends there this weekend.

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