Politesse still lives on the trails

 “Hi there.” “Hello.” “Howdy.” The greetings just kept coming.  I really thought that the days of greeting a perfect stranger as you walk past, were dead and buried down south somewhere.  Come to find out they were resurrected in the beautiful, scenic, peaceful Shenandoah Valley Mountains.  On the trails, for sure, as you bounce down further into the waterfall, passing sweaty, red faced hikers on their way up out – everyone manages a kind, “Hello”.  It’s like there’s a sense of comradeship in the wilderness.  “Don’t worry, if one of those pesky Black Bears pops out, I’ve got your back.”.  …Kinda like that.  But it’s not just on the trails.  While picnicking at one of breathtaking overlooks with friends, the guy who pulled up in his jeep with his dog said hello to a group of girls like it was the most natural thing – and kept walking with his dog.  No second look, no cutting of the eyes, no phony half-grin on his face.

In the city we wear our armor. We’re not gonna be duped, swindled, or taken advantage of by ANYONE. Humph! We suspiciously take in every look- every word- and immediately start processing for it’s ulterior motive.  3800 feet up in the mountains, all of that goes away. You just get it. You are a spec in the middle of all this grandeur God created.

Get over yourself.

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I've got a smart mouth and a big heart - it's a FACT.

2 thoughts on “Politesse still lives on the trails”

  1. Nope, you showed mine. It was a misspelled version of Politesse, the French word for politeness. I guess we’re all ignorant in one area or another, but that’s what keep it interesting. Always something to learn.

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