Lady Brett, The Bitch

Admitedly, I don’t love Hemingway’s prose.  Short, choppy and sometimes you’re not sure who has said what because he loves to leave off that part.  Some pages can confusingly resemble a script without character notation.  That said, it’s Autumn and I can’t resist my natural urges to bake bread (and anything else that will fit in the oven) and read the classics.  So I grab The Sun Also Rises off my shelf and get to it.  It starts off slowly in Paris and you have no idea what the hell this story is about.  Then when he gets to Spain he resembles an elderly woman or a small child who just blurts out everything that they see in front of them – regardless of it’s interest to anyone within earshot.  Finally he starts to unravel the character of Lady Brett, the female lead character in the story.  And you gotta love Lady Brett!  Sooo before her time, this girl was just out to have a good time.  Thirty-four years old and if she sees you and wants you, you’re as good as had.  Stacked like a brick-house and knows how to use it.  I love that she  even refers to herself as a bitch when she’s about to switch hotel rooms in the same Pamplona hotel from that of her fiancee to that of her latest conquest – the amazingly beautiful, 19 year old bullfighter, Romero.  She continues to spend time with all of the male friends she came up with when she’s not with her new lover and there is never a word of admonishment or a hint of anger or disbelief out of them.  Did I mention that she’s had affairs with two of the four men in the group and three counting her fiancee.  She even checks in on her fiancee in his room after leaving her lover to make sure he hasn’t drank himself to death (he’s been drunk since he found out about the affair days ago).  Then once the bullfights end, she simply up and leaves town one morning with the bullfighter – no goodbye’s, no apologies.  What a bitch!  In such a great way.

This exchange was the closest anyone got to addressing her free wheeling affairs:

Dancing, I looked over Brett’s shoulder and saw Cohn, standing at the bar, still watching her. 

“You’ve made a new one there,” I said to her.

“Don’t talk about it.  Poor chap.  I never knew it till just now.”

“Oh, well,” I said.  “I suppose you like to add them up.”

“Don’t talk like a fool.”

“You do.”

“Oh, well.  What if I do?”

“Nothing,” I said.


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