No time to breathe

CHILE 2/10   8.8 Magnitude Earthquake

…..between disasters, I mean.

Listen, besides keeping you in a constant state of self-loathing and panic, a Pentecostal upbringing tells you that these must really be the “last days”.  Earthquakes, floods and other natural destruction, war in the Middle East, children killing their parents and vice versa – all the signs are here.  Seriously, is there one day that goes by where we aren’t gut- kicked with some horrible story related to one of these themes?  “Infant Raped by Father!”, “Fifteen Year Old Kills Parents!”, “Car Bomb Kills 38 In Baghdad!”  …all too painfully familiar.  Admittedly, I’ve turned my back on most of what was unceremoniously shoved down my young throat by the Pentacostal Fanatics, but I’d be a liar if I said this doesn’t give me pause…..  My stomach is in my throat, I’m sure the train has jumped it’s track and is careening for certain and absolute disaster…the kind you just don’t come back from.  One region at a time, death, destruction, hate, war…..we’re just being eaten up completely.  It’s so hard to stay happy anymore.  It’s almost a guilty pleasure if you can….with so many suffering so loudly.

How does a train off the tracks stop?


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