Chasing Memories

I arrived to meet a friend for dinner to find her there chatting with a little girl.  The girl must have been about seven years old and apparently was in the place sitting with her grandmother when my friend arrived.  It’s a small Latino place and they were with the owners, just posted up in a corner surfing the internet together and chatting.  My friend grew up very close to her grandmother back in her country.  Days were slow and lazy.  Market trips with grandma followed by long days cookin, eatin and getting back rubs.  Not a worry in the world.

As soon as the little girl had gone back to her grandmother and I got settled in my seat, my friend’s nose started to get bright red and her eyes first filled, then overflowed with tears.  She covered her face, unable to stop this surge of emotion.  She misses those days, sitting and doing nothing much with someone who loves you unconditionally and wouldn’t let you have a care in the world.  We all do.  But the world is changed.  Even if she goes back to that same spot with her grandma today, she will not find the same peace.  None of us can go back to what doesn’t exist anymore.  There is so much kidnapping for money and killing in her country now – there is no going back to simple days.  My country is no different – murder, rape, and disasters – natural and unnatural.  Unemployment, underemployment and a smorgasbord of anxiety drugs.  Every person for themself.  People are too stressed about their own problems to be families anymore.  Everyone off in their own corner, worried about their affairs and trying to drowned out the noise with the television or the computer.  No, there’s no going back.  I just want to find some good days NOW.  And a way to make them all slow and lazy again.  Simplify life down to what matters and cut all the other bullshit.  You almost have to start a movement -a revolution –  just to live naturally these days.  Actually, I’m gonna google it – maybe someone has…


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