Drooling on Joy

I just read over some of my latest musings and now I’m depressed.  I guess at the time I was writing them, a lot of painful and sobering events were taking place in the world.  They still are and probably always will be, of course.  Ya’ll know I’m anything but a sad, mopey person.   In fact, I’m nothing if not downright joyful 90+% of the time and the other 10ish%, I’m at least spunky.  Even when there’s nothing to actually bring on the joy, I usually find it and hold it, squeeze it, and even occasionally drool on it.  I irritate people with my ability to see the bright side and my steaming cup of tea – half full, mentality.  See, you’re getting irritated…admit it.

I guess my point is that it unnerved me to see that I’d written so many negative posts in a row like that.   Bad news is always out there but I’d actually chosen to highlight it.  It makes me wonder where I was mentally at the time.   Not saying I won’t talk about the bad things that go on in the world – I will – I just hope that I’ll be a space that won’t allow me to be so focused on them that I need to have several in a row with nothing in between that’s  funny or happy – which are adjectives I’m on a first name basis with.

I guess when it’s all said, we’re just human beings with all of our dimensions, contradictions and moods, and if you’re coming straight from the heart, sooner or later you’re gonna feel like you’re standing on the stage naked.    I always feel like anyone who read through this whole blog would swear that several, very different people contributed – or one very schizophrenic, perhaps.


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I've got a smart mouth and a big heart - it's a FACT.

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