I heart Oriana Fallaci

And all of the sudden, I started crying. In a silent composed way, mind you. No moans, no hiccups. But Father noticed it all the same and in order to help me, to calm me down, poor father, did the wrong thing. He gave me a powerful slap, he stared me in the eyes and said, “A girl does not, must not, cry.” So, since the 25 of September 1943, I do not cry. Thank God if sometimes my eyes get damp and my throat chokes a little. Inside myself, however, I cry more than those who cry with tears. Rather often, the words I write are nothing but tears. And what I wrote after the 11th of September was in reality an unrestrainable cry. Over the alive, over the dead. Over those who seem alive and instead are dead. Dead because they have no balls to change, to become people worthy of respect. – The Rage and The Pride, Oriana Fallaci


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I've got a smart mouth and a big heart - it's a FACT.

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