My culture screwed me

…abandon unrealizable fantasies for the actual, deep pleasures that “real life” can afford….real life consists in the things that make it worth living. The real challenge that confronts each man and woman, then, can never be that of finding perfect happiness; rather, it must be that of creating some form of possible happiness – achieving self-respect and the partial realization of one’s hopes and aspirations. In this life, no one can expect more. -Introduction to Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence by Cynthia Griffin Wolff

Unfortunately we American kids are largely taught to “never settle for less than perfect”… goes for partner, career, house, car, body, kids – all that.  So screwed.


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2 thoughts on “My culture screwed me”

  1. I think you should strive to achieve the best you can. The problem is how we define success. We all need to take a step back sometimes and re-evaluate what is truly important. You’re not “screwed” because you understand that.

    1. Sorry it takes me ions to get how to do something as simple as reply to a comment! I agree that after years and bumps, I get it. It’s all in the definition of perfect. Like this exact moment sitting and blogging in my livingroom – perfect.

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