the world as ebay

my range of emotions at the store

Eeerrr! I hate that feeling of helplessness at the hands of someone with more resources than me.  If you tell me an item does A, and I purchase it based on the fact that I plan to do A with it – when I find out that said item does, in fact, absolutely not do A – you need to refund my money and keep it movin’.  But no – because you’re a business and I’m just one single, lowly consumer – you have to bully.

Walk with me for a moment, guys…imagine an ebayesque model of checks and balances across the board between businesses and consumers.  Something like an app for a more efficient and reliable Yelp – perhaps with the addition of some middle-person or entity to deal with discrepancies (more ebay).  At the touch of your finger, pull up any business and access thousands of feedback bits from the people who patronize it.  Maybe there would be a rating system to give an at-a-glance idea of the place.  You could do this as you’re feeding the meter outside or on the bus en route!  Me gusta.  Consumers would be responsible to enter a quick rating after patronizing a business, but we would so move to the seat of power (where we obviously belong in this case).  Listen, Ebay sellers quiver at the thought of an unsatisfied customer, and so should every business owner.  They need us to exist.  If they go under, we’ll just buy the item elsewhere – probably online…actually, probably on Ebay.  Its a good model, guys… think about it.


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