the letting go

I don’t know why I’m sharing this – it’s sooo fkin cliche.  It’s so fkn true, that’s the thing.  When you get a cliche after hearing it for 37 years, you feel the need to externalize it somehow.  You also realize that to others it is still just a cliche – unless they get it too.  So you know this thing about “Let go and let God” or “Go with the flow”, or “Stop swimming upstream”?  You’ve heard those!  And by God I do mean; The Universe, The Source, The One – and whatever you call it too – not that old guy sitting in the clouds.  So about a month and a half ago, I guess, I just let go.  I fkn let go!  How bad was I at controlling it all if the moment – the VERY moment I let go – it came together.  It was as if by way of my struggling and stressing I was actually stopping all of the beautiful and bountiful things that were meant to be in my life.  It’s so freakin cool – now I just accept every moment as it is – when I miss the bus, spill my blueberry smootie on my cream comforter, run into someone I’d rather not talk with – and seriously it always works out well.  Or maybe I just feel like it did because I wasn’t unforgiving towards the reality and full of thoughts of how it should be and why it’s not supposed to be what it actually – in fact – IS.  I know this is raaannndooom but when you feel this light and free you just want to share.


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I've got a smart mouth and a big heart - it's a FACT.

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